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Application: Pro Auto Redial | Repeat call

Pro Auto Redial - Repeat call

+This app redials a phone number many times.
+Making the phone auto hang up with setting time.
Application's purpose
+Many telecom companies offer free calling for the first 10,20,.. minutes. "Pro Auto Redial" helps you control calling time and saving phone money.
+You can show your lover that you love them so much by making many miss call, when they don't accept your call ^^.
Main Features:
+Auto redial
+Auto hang up
+Fast redial
How to use this application:
1. Enter phone number or press on person icon to chose a phone number in contact
2. Press on first text to change between minute and second
3. Drag first bar to set redial duration
4. Press on second text to change between minute and second
5. Drag second bar to set hang up duration
6. Press on "Call" button to start
7. Press on "End call" Button to stop loop
+"Pro Auto Redial" may not work on some Android version. So you should make a small test after download.
1. Chose a phone number.
2. Set hang up duration equal 10-15 seconds
3. Press "Call" button and waiting 10-15 seconds to check end call or not.
Support language.
+Tiếng Việt
+If you like "Pro Auto Redial", you can support us by rating it, sharing it, and downloading other apps
+If you have any questions or new idea to improve "Pro Auto Redial", please sending to


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